Release Your Overthinking Mind & Anxiety

Hi, I’m Ashley!

I’m a Soma Breathwork facilitator and life coach who guides you to finding your inner calm.

I help you release the overthinking and anxiety, and the perfectionism and procrastination that’s been keeping you in paralysis, so you can confidently make decisions that you trust for an inspiring life you love to wake up to.

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Get Out Of Your Own Way

  • You’re a perfectionist AND a procrastinator, and you spend way too much time in your head overthinking and NOT making decisions. So much that you might even be in paralysis towards your goals.

  • You’re also a dash of people pleaser who looks to others first for validation before moving forward OR you put too much emphasis on what the other person expects from you. So much that you have lost what you actually want in your own life.

•  •  •

I guide overthinkers and perfectionists in paralysis turn on your intuition and self trust so you can ditch the overwhelm and indecision to feel confident in your decisions and return to alignment any time you need it.

Because you are the active creator of your life and therefore you should be in charge of it.


a mug of cacao
a mug of cacao
a calm woman sitting on a pier at a lake meditating

Ashley is an incredible, intuitive, and beautiful soul! I did a 90 minute session with Ashley because I was experiencing inner conflict around my business & clients. We did a parts integration technique which allowed me to shift my paradigm around this inner conflict & I can truly say I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders… like the problem I had no longer matters! If you get a chance to do a session with Ashley, I highly recommend it! -Jined L.


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